Friday, November 7, 2008

Establishing Presence in a Spa

As Eric and I have been preparing for our presentation at the ISPA annual conference, we decided one point we wanted spa management to hear is about establishing presence in the spa environment. Click HERE to read our summary.

The following is an excerpt from our writing.

The Power of Presence

Presence is a state of mind, free from distraction and practiced through mindfulness. Mindfulness fosters the attitude of living in the moment and enjoying each guest in an unhurried, relaxed state as the guest enjoys each service in a relaxed state. Spa-goers crave a structured service flow managed by authentic personnel who make them feel like an individual worthy of time and attention. This is especially true for first time guests who may feel out of place in the spa habitat. A distracted state of mind on the part of employees can make guests feels as if staff is simply going through the motions. Presence speaks loudly: “My focus is here with you right now.”

The modern spa requires spa stamina, which is obtained when energy remains steady throughout the day. Establish a quiet area for employees to regroup and become present throughout the day. To start each day grounded, encourage employees to arrive early and spend a few moments in the quiet area or conduct pre-shift focus sessions. These few moments can center and prepare employees to be present with each guest, even in times of discomfort. Infusing your spa with the practice of mindfulness (present-centered attention) is a powerful way to engender those feelings.

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