Friday, October 19, 2007

Hugonomics – The healthy aspects of hugging

If in need of a quick healthy fix, try hugging.

Scientists at University of North Carolina School of Medicine studied a group of women and discovered those who received the most hugs from loved ones had lower blood pressure and heart rate, plus higher levels of anxiety-reducing hormone oxytocin.

Here's someone who is passionate about hugging.

I found this website about hugging.

A good article on hugging.

I’ve been more of a patter my whole life, but I’m opening up to hugging!

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Samantha said...

I find it extremely interesting that with the results of this study, across the nation and even in Europe, many public school systems are in the process of trying to ban hugging, and other forms of touch, among students. The excuse being that hugging can create an unsafe environment by blocking hallways and to prevent bullying. Luckily, I'm one of the 20 somethings that hugs all my friends and random folks alike.