Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to your new MASSAGE community!

“Confusion is bred in silence--if we can begin to talk more frankly, we will learn from one another rather than each of us learning alone through painful experience.”

Nina McIntosh—The Educated Heart

We all want to be a part of something, to go somewhere where we can be seen for the unique person we are. We long for a place where our thoughts and concerns can be heard. This blog is such a place. It is our belief that people blossom in a community that has purpose, order and meaning.

Today, community has become harder and harder to sustain. Work schedules, family commitments and suburban living often leave us feeling isolated. As a massage therapist, a meaningful career is nurtured by connecting with other practitioners in the healing arts. Often, we do this through referrals to chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga instructors and others enabling us to build our own “healing alliance” for our clients. In addition, what we may benefit from is the power of technology and the internet to build our own community to share our successes and challenges with each other.

Support is empowering. In his book, Love and Survival, Dr. Dean Ornish concludes that the single most important element in reversing heart disease is: support groups in community. Surprisingly, it superseded a vegetarian diet, eliminating smoking, exercise and regular meditation. From this, I have concluded that when the heart is open to sharing with others, the physical heart heals.

Let us set an intention to open a dialogue with each other; a forum to support the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves, clients and our profession of massage therapy. May this vehicle help to pollinate the seeds of a long and fruitful career.

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