Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Strategies for Self-Care: remembering to remember

If I had to choose a population that I enjoy working with the most in my practice, it would be fellow massage therapists. In a broad perspective, simply seeing them come through my door to take care of themselves is a beautiful thing. As caregivers, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take care of oneself.

Recently, I was working with a therapist that has an extensive outcall clientele. She was presenting with pain and tingling in her hands, sore shoulders and had little ability to flex her fingers. Hauling her supplies and fighting traffic had added to the discomfort she was experiencing. It had been eight weeks since she has received a massage. About ten minutes into the 90 minute session she commented: “I was tempted to cancel today. I had a client call for an appointment and this was the only available slot I had open. But I resisted the temptation. I need to be here today.”

Ah, the temptation to neglect our own needs. How easy it is to put business, family and even community needs before our own. Rationalizing we will be fine by postponing our own personal time is all to easy to do. “You have to remember to remember,” one of my teachers would say. Remember to remember who you are, what is important and how to take the best care of your resources.

We would love to hear from you. With all of the demands of modern life, how are you successful in creating time for yourself? What strategies do you employ that other therapists may benefit from hearing about?

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Sharon Tessandori said...

I'm not a massage therapist, but I am a yoga teacher. Self care and taking time to nurture yourself is so very important when you are doing body and energy work.

You have to find something that feeds your own soul or you'll find your own source depleted and have little to give to students/clients. For me it's meditation, time on the yoga mat for myself, and spending time in nature.