Sunday, February 3, 2008

Massage Therapists can build client loyalty by taking extra steps to demonstrate care

We have recently begun teaching a continuing education course called “Unlocking Computer Shoulder”. When building the curriculum, one thing we wanted to add was a one-page form that therapists can copy and give to their clients who are experiencing shoulder pain because of computer use…probably most people. The page would show examples of proper posture with suggestions for improvements as well as some stretching exercises the client could incorporate throughout their workday. This led me to think about other extra things therapists can do to demonstrate care in a non-invasive and inexpensive way, thus encouraging repeat visits.

Here are some ideas for you:

1. Review your soap notes. For individual clients, identify areas of concern they have. Do some online research and find resources that offer helpful advice or tips on self-care around their complaints. These can be printed and distributed as long as the information source remains intact on the printout. When clients rebook with you, surprise them with copies of the information you have found. They will be delighted you took an interest in their personal condition.

2. Pay attention to questions that come up during sessions. While you may not feel comfortable in answering all their questions, it is appropriate to do some research and send them information on where they can research their inquiry. Following up demonstrates care even when they are not on the table.

3. Create a self-care theme of the week/month. Build self-care strategies more generic in nature, which can be provided to all your clients. Theme ideas for you to consider; yoga or stretching postures, healthy recipes, books you recommend, local calendar of healthy events, farmer’s market dates, cooking classes, the arts and etc.

Feel free to send in your ideas. I would love to share them here.

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