Monday, January 14, 2008

Massage Therapist: Ideas for the Entrepreneur

Are you a massage therapist who has always wanted to be in business for yourself? One way to get started is to receive regular articles and ideas about independent success. An easy way to do so is to subscribe to the SCORE newsletter. SCORE is a non-profit business assistance program available in most areas. They have retired business professionals who volunteer time helping new entrepreneurs. They can assist you with building your business plan, guiding you through financial questions and offer many other services.

I recently received a copy of an interview with Julie Morgenstern. "She has turned her "inside out" philosophy of time management into a thriving consulting practice that has aided individuals and major corporations, a series of best-selling books, and regular appearances in both the broadcast and print media."

To read her tips for entrepreneurs, click HERE.
SCORE's Main WebPage, click HERE.

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Dajuan said...

I also got into the habit of reading success stories, hoping to learn from their own story.

Do you know about the Young Entrepreneur Society from the Great business info from the site.

Debra said...

Great idea Dajuan.
It's funny because I was reading an article on yoga postures recently and one recommendation was to observe others doing the posture correctly. By doing so, your body receives information that would assist the next time the pose was attempted. By reading success stories, there is a similar absorption of information making our business path easier.
I'll check the link out.