Wednesday, January 2, 2008

imassage 2008: Meeting to plan the future

We just returned from 2 days of dedicated business meetings. Eric and I traveled nearby to the Beaumont Inn (See Picture) to retreat from the world. We wanted to separate from our lives and spend time envisioning what we want our company to look like….next year, in five years and long term. While time was spent talking about revenues and expenses, we balanced that out by writing affirmations, brainstorming on how to acquire the right employees and becoming a company known for its care and good will.

For any business, regardless of size, it is always beneficial to dedicate time to planning and goal setting. Often we become embroiled in our daily life and forget to spend time setting a purposeful path to the future (intentional growth).

Below are some ideas we implement and find useful;

  1. Write business and personal affirmations. Write or print these out and place in areas where you will see them.
  2. Do some visionary work and get it on paper. Write your ideas about where you see you practice/business in one, five and ten years.
  3. It’s not fun…but it is important to do some financial analysis. Create a simple income and expense sheet to assist in understanding what is coming in and out financially. You can use this form to set goals for extra purchases. An example form can be found HERE.
  4. Be willing to invest. I’m a firm believer you have to wisely spend money to make money.
  5. Keep a “Big Idea” list. This consists of all the great ideas you have, but might forget or not have time for. Our list has over 70 items on it. We realize we can’t do them all now, but we might have time at some point and it’s always a good idea to revisit the list to keep you excited.
  6. Set up a time line for projects. This will help you stay on track throughout the year. Ours has immediate action items and a monthly overview of projects to work on throughout the year.
  7. Spend time appreciating where you are at in your career and personal life. Most successes didn't happen overnight.
Happy New Year!

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