Friday, October 12, 2007

Massage Marketing : Gift Certificates Can Fill Your Practice

A recent survey by the ABMP indicates that 29% of people get a massage because they receive it as a gift. These clients also state that the gift certificate is the primary reason for seeking the service. Imagine those statistics for a moment. 1/3 of massage clients are going because they have a gift certificate. This is a form of word of mouth advertising that will pay off immediately. Your clients will purchase for friends and family and happily send business your way. Here are some ideas to fill your practice by selling gift certificates. Most of these ideas are passive and will not require you to step into a salesperson's role.

  • To make a great impression, buy professional gift certificates with envelopes. There are many places online to do this. I’ve Googled it HERE for you. Many office stores also carry generic gift certificates.
  • Create seasonal promotions around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Boss/Secretary Day and Christmas. Click HERE for other Holiday ideas.
  • Within your reception area place signs, banners, notes and etc. to let visitors know gift certificates are an option. Avoid using handwritten notes. These can look unprofessional.
  • No reception area to display items? No problem. Print some inexpensive fliers to hand to all your clients after their session. It doesn’t have to be a high pressure sales effort, just let them know you offer them. A small local printer can help with the artwork.
  • If you have a list of all your client’s addresses, you can send them a nice card. Include a note that gift certificates are available. Personalize it to fit your style.
  • Run a holiday special such as “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” – do the math first and make sure you can afford to give away a free one.
  • Place a printed label on the back of your business card saying “For Your Convenience, We Offer Gift Certificates” or simply “Gift Certificates Available”.
  • If you have a website, promote certificates in a visible location. Many people will search for gift ideas online.
  • Check locally to see if there are any upcoming events. You can set up a booth to promote your business and sell gift certificates.

Check with your accountant to make sure you are selling gift certificates within your state's guidelines. Post your gift certificate ideas by adding a comment below.

Here's a picture we were sent by a reader. Added 10/17

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Anonymous said...

Handling success is important too. Suppose you sell $1,000 in gift certificates just for the holidays? An excellent way to keep a professional attitude about redeeming gift certificates & packages is to keep that money in a separate account and pay yourself when you do each massage. That way, your cash flow doesn't suffer if several are redeemed within a day or week, and you can refund any money without pain, if needed. I use gold embossed labels with my name and logo on my certificates, so they look professional.