Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Massage Continuing Education: Making New Friends on the Road

Imagine for a moment that within a healing environment you have medical doctors discussing strategies with massage therapists, acupuncturists and psychotherapists on a holistic approach to patient healing. Sound unlikely? Not in Durham, NC home for Duke Integrative Medicine (DIM).

After being on the road teaching for over two weeks, it was a much needed last stop before venturing home. Bringing together traditional and alternative forms of healing, DIM's focus is on the powerful interrelationship between mind, body, spirit and community in both health and disease. The massage team, led by Tracey Moon, is an integral part of the immersion process as a wide range of treatment modalities work simultaneously to create a healing alliance.

Eric and I were fortunate enough to spend time working with the
massage team on hot stone training. It was wonderful to find ourselves in partnership with a facility focused on providing care, not only to their patients, but to their staff as well.

The building itself is an experience combining light wood, cool hues and the smooth curves of walkways. It offers visitors spacious rooms radiant with light contrasted with small spaces for private contemplation.

If interested, you can visit HERE for an abundance of free health related articles provided by Duke.

Pictures from our recent travels

Omaha School of Massage "The Magic of Hot Stone Massage". We love going to the Omaha area. The students are always excited and open to learning. We have 4 classes scheduled for 2008.

Body Therapy Institute "The Magic of Hot Stone Massage". Holding class on the beautiful BTI campus is like returning home to family. In the upper left, you can see John a wonderful BTI teacher. We have two classes scheduled in 2008.

Duke Integrative Medicine's massage team "Hot Stone and Hydrotherapy Training". A beautiful, innovative facility we look forward to working with again.

Eric, Tracey and Debra

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