Monday, September 29, 2008

How Massage Therapists can survive the economic downturn

The following article is contributed by Tara Thompson, LMT. Tara assists us when we are teaching in Nebraska and is a great asset for imassage.

I recently started sharing my practice with another LMT because unfortunately massage therapy isn't as busy as it once was. Because of cut backs, lay offs, and many other economy issues it's made making ends meet as an independent contractor very challenging. Some other ideas and suggestions that have worked for me and other LMT friends are...

1. Your client has to value the work you do. As an LMT we have to educate our clients that massage is not a luxury but a NECESSITY. Showing your clients a photo of the muscle(s) your working on or suggesting a stretch they could try is always a great way to start educating them. Clients will spend money on what they value.

2. Offering referral cards, discounts, package deals, and don't be afraid to hit the streets and hang fliers or put them on vehicles in a packed parking lot. Potential clients need to know where you are and how to find you.

3. Block schedule your appointments so you can save on gas going back and forth to the office. You'll also save on utilities if you’re only using them for smaller blocks of time and not just using them through out the whole day with no appointments.

4. Never forget the power of bartering. For instance if you need some work done at your home or office scan your clientele and see if anyone can help with it or if they know anyone who can and would be interested in trading for the work…it can’t hurt to ask. You can barter for dental work, car repairs, hair cuts; the list goes on and on.

Here are just a few ideas that might help get your head above water if you’re starting to drown in this mess of an economy…Stay positive and remember to always stay flexible. Good Luck and feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with me and others…we can all use the extra support and inspiration! Have a beautiful day!

Tara Thompson, LMT

Omaha, NE

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